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Robox ABS Filament (Hot Pink)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-ABS-RD535
  • Advent Code: RORBX-ABS-RD535

Robox Amethyst Purple PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-PP001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-PP157

Robox Chroma Green PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-GR001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-GR497

Robox ColorFabb nGen Filament (Dark Grey)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PET-NGFS1
  • Advent Code: RORBXPETNGFS1

Robox ColorFabb nGen Filament (Metallic Gold)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PET-NGMG1
  • Advent Code: RORBXPETNGMG1

Robox ColorFabb nGen Filament (Metallic Silver)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PET-NGMS1
  • Advent Code: RORBXPETNGMS1

Robox Cornflower Blue PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-BL003
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-BL823

Robox Designer Grey PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-FS001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-FS391

Robox Dynamite Red PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-RD001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-RD536

Robox Highway Orange PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-OR001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-OR022

Robox HIPS Filament (Natural)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-HIP-NT002
  • Advent Code: RORBX-HIP-NT001

Robox Hot Pink PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-PK001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-RD534

Robox PLA Filament (Black As Night)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-BK001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-BK092

Robox PLA Filament (Mellow Yellow)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-YL001
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-YL503

Robox Slime Green PLA

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-PLA-GR003
  • Advent Code: RORBX-PLA-GR002

Robox techABS Filament (Grey)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-ABS-TCFS2
  • Advent Code: RORBX-ABS-FS390

Robox techABS Filament (Natural)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX-ABS-TCNT2
  • Advent Code: RORBX-ABS-TP001

RoboxDual RBX02 3D Printer (Black)

  • Brand: Robox
  • Code: RBX02-BK
  • Advent Code: 8RORBX02BK

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