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Site Usage & Navigation

Login/Account - Menu Bar

If the top right hand corner of our site is the login/account management navigation section of the site. If you are not logged in you will be shown email and password boxes. You can fill in your details and hit "login" to login to our site. If you don't have an account you may click the "Open an Account" link to create your account, if you've forgotten your password click the "Forgotten Password" link.

If you are logged in you will be shown links allowing you to navigate to your account pages, order history and saved products list. There is also a logout button if you wish to logout of your account.

Underneath our Logo and the Login/Account menu box is a Quick navigation bar. On the left of the bar our Email, Telephone and Fax information can be found, whilst on the right are links to helpful pages such as About Us, Terms & Conditions and our Privacy/Security policies.

If you are logged in you will see a "Product Search" box in the upper section of the left hand menu bar, this box allows you to search our products filtering by Brand, Category and Text Filter.

Saved Products Page

The saved products page is a place to store product lists for future use. Products are saved to one of your saved product lists. Your Default list is General and until a new list is created any products you save will be added to this list.

Create new List

To the right of the page is the "Create a new list" section of the saved products area. To create a new saved products list just enter a name for your list and click "Create list". This list is then created and set asactive, enabling you to add saved products to the new list.

Load Saved Lists

To change your active list there is a "Load Saved List" button on the right hand side of the page. Choose a list from the adjacent drop down menu and click the "Load Saved List" button. The chosen list is then loaded and set as your active list. Any products saved will be saved to the current active product list.

Delete saved products/lists

There are 3 options for deleting saved products

  1. Remove - This option will delete the selected product from your list, this can only be selected on products you yourself added.
  2. Delete YOUR Products - This option will delete ALL products you yourself have added to the current list.
  3. Delete ENTIRE List - This option will remove the list and all assigned products from your account. Note: The list and saved products will no longer be available by any users with the same account ID as yourself.

Update Saved Products

You may update the quantities of products in your lists by changing the value and clicking Update at the bottom of the page. To order products from your list simply click "Add To Basket" next to each item, the product will then be added to your basket. You may also change the quantity and then click the add to basket link, this will add the quantity you selected to your cart without changing the saved quantity for the current list.

In Basket/Added Notifications

Any products in your current list which are already in your basket will have an "In Basket" message along with the quantity of each product currently in your basket. If you add products via the add to basket link, an "Added" message will appear along with the quantity of the product which was added.

Transfer List to Basket

Another feature is the ability to add an entire saved list to your basket. Simply add products to your list as usual, change the quantities and click "update saved products list". Once you've updated your quantities click the "Transfer List to Basket" link at the bottom of the page.

Copy List

If you often find yourself needing 2 lists with only slight differences we've now made that easier for you. Create a new list as normal and then using the Copy option, just choose the list you want to copy and click the Copy button. You can then make changes to the products you just ordered giving you 2 lists without having to add all the products again.

Saved Products Menu Box

Underneath the product search box is a Saved Products selector. This box is a cut down version of the main Saved Products page. Using this box you may scroll through your saved products from your current loaded list, to find the one you wish to order. Once you find your chosen product in the list, change the quantity to the amount you wish to order and click "Add to Basket". Your chosen product will then be added to your basket with the quantity you selected. You may repeat this process to order more products from your current saved products list.

The products in the list can be viewed in more detail by clicking the "View / Edit full list" button, the list is comprised of your personal saved products and those of other users belonging to the same account as yourself.

Your Basket Menu Box

On the right hand side of the screen (if you are logged in), will be a box containing your cart contents. The Quantity and Part codes for each product in your basket are shown along with a total quantity and price of all items in your basket at the present time. If you wish to view your basket in more detail simply click the "basket" link which will take you to a full screen version of your basket. If you are ready to checkout, just click on the "checkout" link.

Other Info


All deliveries are made by DPD. We offer the following service levels:

  • Next Day Delivery - Web orders placed before 5:45pm will be delivered the next working day
  • Next Day AM Delivery - Web orders placed before 5:45pm will be delivered before 1pm on the next working day
  • Next Day Before 10am - Web orders placed before 5:45pm will be delivered before 10am on the next working day
  • Next Day Saturday Delivery - Web orders placed before 5:45pm on Friday will be delivered on Saturday
  • 2-3 Day Delivery - Web orders placed before 5:45pm will be delivered within 2-3 working days

Your carriage charge will vary dependant on the level of service selected, your order value and your pre-agreed carriage arrangements. If you need more information regarding your carriage costs, please email

Please be aware that we cannot provide a timed delivery within certain outlying areas.

Please note that following a change in classification, the following postcodes are now considered "Scottish Highlands" destinations: PH 15, PH 16. From now on, DPD will offer a two-day delivery service to these postcodes.

Returns & Replacements

Should you need to return any faulty or unwanted items subject to our Terms and Conditions, please contact our customer services team on 01422 324252 or use the Contact Us page.

Some manufacturers have their own specific returns & replacements procedure in place and deal with the reseller or the user. The contact information for these manufacturers is listed here:

  • Brother - 0870 8304000 and select option 5 (Brother will require serial number and model of machine)
  • Konica Minolta - 0845 0854000
  • NEC - 020 8752 3667
  • Quantum - 00353 429355100
  • Xerox including Tektronix - 0870 9005501 (Xerox will require serial number and model of machine)

Order History

The order history page can be found via the "Order History" link in the login navigation bar in the top right corner of the website. This page shows all orders placed on your account. Orders placed by other account users are marked with a * symbol. You may view these orders by clicking "View Order Details" next to each order in the list. Your last 10 orders are shown by defauilt, other orders can be shown using the series of filters below your order list.