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Brother 15mm Dark Blue Fabric Tape MCFA1DB

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MCFA1DB
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMCFA1DB

Brother 12mm Black on Clear Laminated Labelling Tape (8m)

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: TZE131
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRTZE131

Brother 12mm Black on Yellow Laminated Labelling Tape (8m)

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: TZE631
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRTZE631

Brother 15mm White Fabric Tape MCFA1WH

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MCFA1WH
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMCFA1WH

Brother 15mm White PET Tape MCET1WH

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MCET1WH
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMCET1WH

Brother 38mm Light Blue Fabric Tape MCFA2LB

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MCFA2LB
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMCFA2LB

Brother 38mm White Fabric Tape MCFA2WH

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MCFA2WH
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMCFA2WH

Brother 38mm White Opp Tape MCPP2WH

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MCPP2WH
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMCPP2WH

Brother Black Ink Cartridge 2.4k pages - LC22EBK

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: LC22EBK
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRLC22EBK

Brother DK Labels DK-22212 (62mm x 15.2m) Continuous White Film Tape

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: DK22212
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRDK22212

Brother DK-22246 (103mm x 30.48m) Continuous Label Roll (Black on White)

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: DK22246
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRDK22246

Brother Labelling 9mm Plastic Labelling Tape Black on White (8m)

  • Brand: Brother
  • Code: MK221BZ
  • Exertis Supplies Code: BRMK221BZ

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